Feb 26, 2014

A Recent Observation Of Some Public Bathrooms

If the men's room doesn't have a urinal and the women's bathroom has a single toilet as well, why even have a separate designated men's and women's bathroom? One may smell slightly different from the other but essentially they are the same right?
Why do I have to wait for the men's room to be unoccupied if the women's bathroom is empty and no different from the one I'm waiting for? 

It's 2014 people. Give me a proper men's room with at least two urinals and a toilet stall or let me pee in the other bathroom.  Same thing goes for ladies.  I'm sure you'd like to have multiple stalls so that, just like with having multiple urinals, the main door will never be locked and you won't have to wait in the hallway.  If the first single toilet bathroom is occupied, and the men's room said unisex on the door instead of "men" you could just go drop your lady poops in there. 

Problem solved.

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