Dec 30, 2008

this was supposed to happen last friday.

but it was fucking Boxing Day!

new wood
arty in the car
bad idea #34,527
bad idea #32,901
made baskets
does it work for bed sheets?

cool record covers i found
easy listening, was way easier in 1963
we've established the "taco bell sauce drawer"
dead stuff!

my secret santa gift! radness

Dec 29, 2008

Rate My Space Station...TANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey shit fucks. xmas was before now, next time its 2009. I did house place for foot.

clicky for biggy!!!

if you forgot what it looked like before, this is the only pics i have.

also, I put this up on HGTV's "Rate My Space" page. go there and rate it!

Dec 23, 2008

12 Months of Kirkness

So i picked up this 2009 Calendar that got left up at the front desk. I had intended on using it next year but I started drawing on it. Now, I cant really hang it in my cube so I'll share it with you all.

Happy New Year!

for sale #1/1 signed- $45

Dec 22, 2008

What the McFuck?

Ok, so some of you may have noticed that the coveted Double cheeseburger is no longer on the McDollar Menu. While I myself have partaken in the bargain that was the $1 double cheeseburger, it always bothered me that while the double cheeseburger was getting its moment in the sun, his older but smaller brother, the 99 cent cheeseburger was getting the short end of the straw. It made no sense that, double the beef* was $1 and the single was upped to.. $1.09. As I've pointed out before, mcdonalds never seems to have prices that make any sense. I digress... Now that Mr. Double pants has been demoted, the black sheep, regular cheeseburger is back at 99 cents. Ahh, but just when I thought everything was right in the McUniverse again, Ron & Birdie the Early Bird adopt a new step child... the MacDouble. 

I couldn't deviate, and ordered ended up ordering my old friend the now, $1.19 Double Cheeseburger. (more on that later) The next time I went to Ron's place, I found myself looking past (and scoffing at) the notion of a $1.19 Double Cheeseburger, shitting all over the Dollar menu, then, I see this new item, the McDouble. "ooh its $1... what could it be?" So I say what the hell, and order it. my curiosity is worth not spending an extra 19 cents. So now having experienced, the 99 cent Double cheeseburger, the $1.19 Double Cheeseburger, and the MacDouble I will give you my review. The Macdouble, oddly, is just a Double Cheeseburger. but, the 99cent version. (official word is its got one less slice of cheese, so for those of you keeping track, they've been charging you 20 cents for that slice of cheese) The 1.19 Double Cheeseburger is, and I wasnt even looking for it, a bit more hearty. I dont know what it is. Maybe slightly beefier* patties? I cant quite put my finger on it. It might have just been me trying to subconsciously justify the extra 20 cents.  nice one Ron. so, don't be fooled, get a macdouble. or if your feeling saucy, get the good ol 99 cent single.

Dec 19, 2008

Extra Dark Grey Is The New Black.

so yea, company holiday party today. so we're doing that again. I guess people were talking shit in the to/from tags last year so its not a "secret" santa anymore. thanks for sucking the fun out of the whole thing guys. That didnt stop me from getting creative with the wrapping paper tho. I went non-traditional.

and then, this happened.

It's a computer.... and its tiny.

ok that's all. Dont drink & drive.