Dec 15, 2008

I sometimes forget that i have a camera phone in my pocket...

Because then, stories like these would be a little bit cooler for you.

I went to lunch at the Public Market. It, like most of Emeryville is notorious for parking lots with tiny parking spaces. I get lucky and find 3 empty spaces in a row pretty close to the front entrance. The car next to me went a little over the line so I had to go a little over, to leave room for them to get out. I come back from getting my shit and there's a car next to mine on the other side.. with now 2 empty spaces on their other side. did they go over the line so I could get out? ... NO! the fucker parked.. inches from my driver side door. I couldn't even get between the cars, let alone, open my door, let alone get in. I had to use the space I politely left on my passenger side to get in and then climb over into the driver seat. Mother fuckers. What the fuck is people like this's problem? I hope that perspns house gets robbed today and when they get home all of their shit is stolen and fucked up. what a fucking asshole. I wanted to key his/her car, but that's like fighting dick with dick. (note pic isnt mine, but its a great one)

While you may not have enjoyed looking at it that much, if I remembered my cameraphone I could have shown you the toilet with piss in it still, and the seat left up. What is it with people here.. are you that ashamed of your penis that you cant use the stalls? The shitter, is for SHITTING! If youre gonna piss in the shitter, at least hide the evidence.

ok, that is all.

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You need to read this blog and watch the vid: