Dec 1, 2008


Is about eating. This year we went to meg's aunt's house. the house where I ate the cheese pizza appetizer stuff and shit my brains out in her small one-bathroom house with all her friends there.

I like my family's thanksgiving dinner. I'm used to it. My tastebuds have become accustomed to it and its what I expect. Its no-nonsense, american thanksgiving dinner. Turkey (my dad's been deep frying them lately YUM!) stuffing, potatoes, canned cran.. pumpkin, apple chocolate pies, reddi whip. the usual. But since we were going to foo-foo make-me-shit-my-pants Marin for dinner, i knew it was gonna be weird, but I hoped for the best.

No dice. crap, crap, and more crap.I hate fucking weird thanksgiving shit. Why does the cranberry sauce have nuts in it and taste like mint? WTF? why is there 1000 mushroom dishes on the table? Who the fuck put mushrooms in my gravy? I hate fucking mushrooms.

This Thanksgiving gave me blue balls.

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Unknown said...

You kill me Kirk, that's hilarious!