Dec 12, 2008

holy fog batman

Its been more foggy than i can remember in a long time. driving to work is downright scary. I can barely see a car in front of me sometimes. Steve says i need to harden the fuck up. but no matter how hard you are, fog is still in the way of my visual.

anyway, here's some Eyenosorus Wrecks.

the nogg is bout the only thing i look forward to

who doesnt love spongebob? seriously.

here's a really fun/dangerous/interesting way to take out the trash

I totally made my first cake! sprinkles for effect!

oh yeah, here's some bullcrud I drew and stuff.

for sheez. see you on the flip side.


jimbizzle said...

The bike frame with no wheels is incredibly sad. Used, abused, and left out in the rain.

HA! my word verification is "colden"

Anonymous said...

That Blackhart art is rad!