Dec 21, 2009

nothing like a photo monday...

...right Jimbo?

hold on. I have to go throw a stick for my cat.

"the christmas house" of MTZ.
the elusive stinkelodeon

sundae on friday

earlier that day, went to the DeYoung and the Cal Academy of Science.

this one was my favorite.
it was super.

this one was pretty fucking crazy.

and then there was some of this bullshit. fuck you, art.

there was a killer view from the 9 story tower.

there's the cal academy of science

here's some science shit.

there's the DeYoung. neighbors. I never knew.

living roof. reminds me of Teletubbies.

big mother fucking sea bass. HUGE

the sign said Jellyfish. I dunno

rare white alligator

tai chi

went to this thing.

made a turkey

rode my skateboard

went to Louis' and drew.

made christmas

it got fucking cold here.

ok that's it. have a good holiday of your choice. conveniently all celebrated at the same time of year.