Dec 6, 2009

Oh Holy Photo Sunday

I missed another Friday. Jimbo made sure I knew about it. This whole not having a regular schedule is really screwing me up.

here's some photo goodness.

mmm tasty!

granny turned 75!
she said "you better come to my party, because I'm only gonna be 75 once, tomorrow I'm gonna be 74 again"

Pa rules.


motivational reminder on our morning walks.


bologna made out of baby meat. savory!

this reminds me of the KoolAid guy. OOHH YEAAAAAAAAAA!

low budget pix message birthday card. Happy B-day J-slim!

mamma mia!

rad roskopp griptape. too bad at stupid Zumiez, none of the kids that go there know who the hell Rob Roskopp is or where that graphic is from.

coolest grocery store kiddie ride ever!

making christmas. ...evil!

so far we've lost 3 glass ornaments, half a strand of lights and a tuft or two of fake tree needles.

cool art from a dude on

somewhere there's a toothless retarded hillbilly kid without a banjo.

got to see Georgie on thanksgiving. he still stinks.

best tea ever.

thanksgiving at granny & pa's panorama from my brothers non-blackberry.
(click for big)

ok everyone. it's cold as shit.

If you want to hire me, I'm totally available.

happy holidays.


T.A. said...

Those flies reminded me of this site my friend showed me:

Pamela said...

I can't stop laughing at your toothless hillbilly banjo comment.

Lauren said...

I like how the tea is so good, it makes the fork and the cup shake...