Dec 16, 2009

Ghost Fighter!

I really dig all those paranormal ghost shows. There's quite a few of em now. One of my all time fav's is Ghost Hunters. But this season has really sucked. They debunk too much shit and its NEVER scary. I guess that's sort of their thing. The debunking and science and unrefutable proof and all that is kind of their thing but damn, this is entertainment, entertain me.

One thing I really hate on Ghost Hunters when they see some crazy shit, then say to each other... "watch that case it happens again" and they watch and then crazy shit happens again, but the ASS-HAT camera men they have must have dog shit between their ears because they keep filming the investigators reaction to the crazy shit, not the spot where the crazy shit we just missed went down.

Another thing that bugs me is the lame spooky background music/sound effects. All the shows do this actually. They all stop and say...."did you hear that?" NO! all I could hear was the fucking Halloween music you have playing over everything.

There's a Ghost Hunters Academy show now where they're testing out new recruits. It's kind of like MTV's Road Rules with less sex and more boring night vision. But they do have a Winnebago.

Now we have a new paranormal superhero. Zak Bagans. Why is he buffed? It kind of detracts from the ghost hunting. They should do a spin-off called 'Zak Bagans, Ghost Fighter' I do tho, want to have like a million of Aaron's babies (in a strictly platonic heterosexual way). He's the shit. They always seem to put him intentionally in harms way.
"hey aaron, why dont you go down into the scary dark area where people have been punched by ghosts" ... "NO WAY DUDE!" lol.

It's still fun to watch. Paranormal State gets a little too religious for me but last night I watched a pretty cool one. People seem to get possessed a lot by demons on that show. I always thought exorcisms were kind of a rare and big deal type of thing with the Catholic church but PRS seems to have that child rapist looking exorcist priest on speed dial. And you cant forget another guy they have on speed dial, Chip motherfucking Coffey. dude is a psychic beast! Last night they had that other psychic. Not the lesbian one, the one who looks like she's 1000 years old and could very well be a ghost herself. Kinda like the ghost in the library scene in Ghost Busters.

And yet, I still DVR this crap and watch it, hoping, waiting for when they catch a real ghost.

on a completely unrelated topic, I've been rediscovering the grunge era. During the 90's I was into Death Metal and hated pussy ass grunge. Some of this stuff was really good but no matter how hard I try I can't like Pearl Jam. sorry.


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