Dec 1, 2009

blackberry themes and shirts

Hey remember me? I used to post on this blog.

I have some new Blackberry Tour themes and they've been featured on

here's a couple versiosn of my latest theme.

app order icons, weather and hidden today. - spacebar goes to quicklaunch.


no icons, no weather, no today - spacebar goes to quicklaunch.


hidden today, hidden clock, messages, profiles and connection links- no icons, no weather - spacebar goes to quicklaunch.

download directly to your Tour browser, from your Tour... click here.

OTA Glow2

OTA Glow2day

OTA Glow2_full

a couple of my shirts have been featured on groups. Here's some of my latest designs. BUY THEM! Satan Claus is 10% off right now.

Steve loves his!

till next time Gadget!

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Its alright, I guess.