Aug 4, 2009

Blog, The Impaler...Impaling.

I gotta new font tearing up the dafont charts. He could have been a sailor, but he's Blog, The Impaler. (little Gwar reference there)

I mentioned it debuted at 89 in the top 100 over at, then it went to 53, now its at 31. Hot damn!

It comes in two flavors, regular and Caps Heavy.

I busted my ass making this one.

the rest of the bunch is doing pretty ok too.

Thanks for the Downloads! also, if you tried to send me a PayPal donation yesterday, I might not have gotten it because PayPal was down.

also, I should mention that I added a "share" button below all my posts so you can facetwat or mybook any of my nogginses.

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