Sep 17, 2010


So now that I don't work in an office as you may have noticed, I don't post noggins as much. Which got me to thinking. Blogs are for people who work at a desk or cubicle, or someone with a job that has readily available internet acceess. And one other ver important thing, the ability to waste massive amounts of time.

Since I work in a machine shop now I'm constantly moving around. Besides having dirty clothes on all day, if you stop working and waste time to post a blog, like I am now via blackberry, its pretty obvious you aren't working. Man I miss being in an office. I miss complaining about being bored. I recall times when I would feel like I had seen all the internet had to offer. Now I feel like I'm missing out. Wondering how many internet memes that have come and gone. Tosh.0 goes over my head now.

So, to all my 5 readers I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I've been web-neutered.

Till next time, check out the archives and remember how awesome I was in 2007.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

I totally agree about working in an office goofing off on the computer. I have spent hours researching various items and topics simply because I have the time. If i didn't work in front of a computer I would overpay for so many things and wouldn't know nearly as much about current affairs.

If you ever feel the need to unwind after a long day's work you should blog something though. Your opinions or need to write/vent/share hasn't gone away because your job has changed.