Sep 28, 2010

More Hookers and McDonalds.

So as I'm waiting for my McSkillet Burrito the other day, I notice a limo parked outside. Who doesnt notice a limo? They're big and flashy, only there were no celebrities in this limo.

I see this old crusty black dude walk up to the back door and there was this gnarly fat/slutty/maybe down syndrome white chick opening the door getting out. It was all kinds of wrong. I got like visions of kidnapping or something. But what I could only surmise was that she was one of his "girls". I bet he coaxed her into prostituting for him by saying "'ll get driven around in style in my limousine" Gross. There was nothing stylish about this hunk of junk yard shit. What initially drew my attention to the back door was the lovely duct tape window. Now drugged and properly assimilated into her new life of style, she now was stopping at the luxurious McDonalds on SanPablo ave to use (I use the word use lightly) their plush bathroom.

Nothing like a fastfood bathroom and the odor of bleach and fried grease to wash the latex and semen taste out of your mouth.

I feel gross just typing this one. sorry about the lame photo. when I'm in such awe I forget I have a camera in my pocket. I guess I dont have what it takes to be a good photojournalist.

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Moderator said...

Wow. Wow. Any attempts at rationalizing what you witnessed... are dashed as the scenario... is just so peculiar... I cannot. Or maybe I don't want to either.

Wow. If those wheels could talk... the stories they could tell.


Tee hee.

I came across a best fonts post with your friggen awesome Ghetto Markee so I thought I would stop by and say hello.

I know that inclusion on these lists now is quite often, but, it's still pretty rad to me sometimes.

And I saw some dude using Pee Pants Script on his portfolio, I am sorry I didnt bookmark it.

I hope you & yours are doing well. Dont be such a stranger either. For reals. You are hella rad. And stuff. :)