Sep 28, 2010

You Thought I Forgot...

So, while not having a job/regular schedule almost killed the photofriday action, I'm finding that having a job that makes me physically tired plus having a puppy has all but killed it as a weekly thing. I do still take pictures of stupid shit tho.

Here's a virtual puking of my blackberry's memory card for you all to smell and lick up.

Frankenstien & Rockenstien.

this is Crystal's neighbors' cat. If he was mine I would call him Mr. Pringles. That mustache is too perfect. He looks so sophisticated.

Bruce getting ready to go home from the Doggy Day Care.
old art i found, photographed and threw away.

interesting paragraph.

should be "WANG TONIC"

My dust collection.

no more crate in the car!

Oh shit, Ronald is coming to the ghetto. I hope he has a big red Kevlar vest.


this is a repeat pic but the shit is still there. and still hilarious!!

new airwalk slippers from payless.

what I do most of the day... watch this saw cut rings off a pipe.

chicken motherfucking coop!

took bruce to some park in San Fran. Bruce and I saw a guy laying on his belly in nothing but tighty whiteys getting a rub down from his boyfriend.

sorry didnt get a pic of that. they looked up at us as we walked by and made us feel uncomfortable. you'd think they would be embarrassed. nope... walk on by.
more lame work shit.

Northern California Tree Crab.

No pointing, No fingers, no picking, no downs? I dont get it.

This is the girls happy meal toy de jour. Scariest shit ever!!

cool logo.

Drove passed a grass fire that was next to the freeway.

had a job interview here, for what could have been my dream job since I was 12.
too bad they pay was too low to justify driving to Santa Cruz. I hope they keep in touch.

SC beach.

Danielle sent me this from the Cal Academy of Science. they have my tiny Dikdik on display there.

these werent on the memory card but I wanted to show you. I entered a design contest thingy for a new Coke Zero can in Europe. I didnt win, I never do but I thought they were cool.

this one got a lot of votes and comments.

This one was following the target market they gave. Men 14-25.

OK fuck heads, thanks for reading my crap. I'll try to post more but really, its so much easier to put it on Facebook or Twitter. Oh yea, I started tweeting. It pains me since you all know I invented it before they did, but its something to do on my crackberry. follow me @kirkiscool

oh yea my birthday is next month, send me presents and money on paypal.

I'm gonna go try and sleep now.

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Moderator said...

ha ha, so you have started tweeting now?

I still don't know whats so friggen great about facebook. It's too late now even for me to start...

I guess it's like crack or speed. If you try crack first, your destined to be a crackhead, speed and well... you're destined to committing Wal-Mart return scams and selling copper on the black market. But crack just wont be you're thing.

Or so I have heard.

I see you have added a doggie to the fam. Nice :)