Aug 14, 2011

Darth Insidious

I watched that movie Insidious last night. The previews hyped it up to be the scariest movie since Exorcist. Oh yea? Whatever, ok, so I guess I need to see this shit.

It's about a family who moves into a new house know what? its easier if I just say its the movie Poltergeist. Instead of a little girl its a little boy. There's no pink slime or TVs but essentially that's what's up.

Oh yeah there's a demon who looks like Darth Mail from StarWars. Why? I dunno its pretty silly and makes the major bad guy in the movie less frightening. Theres also an old lady ghost who ends up being sort of important but they never talk about who she is or why she's there.

Anyway, there's tons of pointless sub plot stuff that leads nowhere. Oh yea even tho the ghost expert lady just said your kid, not your house was haunted, were gonna make a whole scene showing how hecka people were murdered in your house and bow they're ghosts now. Also, no creepy old lady in any wedding pics. That would have been too much of a dead giveaway.

Oh yea hey guys, dont you even look at your kids drawings? He fucking drew himself astral projecting AND he drew the demon. I'll give you a pass on not noticing the demon, you could have thought it was Darth Maul. But damn, dad, those pictures were up at your old house even.

Overall it was a nice try but the bad guy was from star wars, the ghost psychic lady was the horny landlady from Kingpin so I kept waiting for her to make the oral sex tongue gesture.

and the plot about rescuing a child, who's soul is trapped in the place where the souls of the deceased go to be ghosts, was ripped right out of Poltergeist. And the ending was cheesy.

As far as their claims that its the scariest since Exorcist? Nice fucking try but no cigar. I say go rent Poltergeist and Exorcist again because they kick this movie's ass. They should be ashamed for even invoking the thought of those movies to promote this turd. Hollywood sucks.

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