Aug 3, 2011

A Potato Shitting Fries.

So I saw this image just now and thought it was HILARIOUS!!! ha ha, so I just thought I'd share it with my noggin watchers.

Again, sorry I have completely neglected you. I cant help it, between Tweeter and Facespace and now Google plus five minus 3, I run out of crap to post here.

Just for a recap, I still work at the same place and have no office or computer. I get dirty and my feet hurt. But there is some good news. I got a new phone!

Its a Drooooooooooooooooooo o o o o o o o ii i i i i ii iiiiiiiiii
d dd d d d d d d dd d d d d d dd dd d d d d dd d dd d dd d d dd d d dd d d ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats how they say it on the Verizon commercials right? in that super cool futuristic robot voice. I think the best robot voice ever is Johnny 5 from that Steve Gutenberg movie.

So as it turns out, this was the "droid i was looking for" sorry Ol' Ben your Jedi voodoo wont work on me!

It's fucking rad, Incredible too... too/two haha get it? I can do like 5000000 things on it I couldnt do on the blackberry from 2008. Even possibly post blogs, I'll try that later since typing on the touchscreen is still a bit tricky.

Other than that m'lady finally finished Law school and just took the Bar. so now she gets to think she failed for another 4 months until the results come in. And find a job that pays more than $0.00

I have an art show coming up in my new home town of Pittsburg Ca. its at Steeltown Coffee in famous old town pittsburg. The opening is Sept 18th and everyone who can go, should. and bring hella money because my shits will be for sale.

If you're missing photo Friday... it's now called "posting random pics at random times of the week one at a time on twitter(sometimes lately on Google+ cuz i need to feel cool that im still in the super exclusive beta testing club)" the name isnt as catchy as FotoFriday but It's WAAAYY easier to do because I'm lazy and putting together a whole photoblog post is a pain in the ass now.

check out what you missed if you dont follow me @kirkiscool on twitter. or you do follow me but forgot you had a twitter account because you didnt 'get it' when you signed up 3 years ago.

heres some pictures of shit.

Google+ also happened as I just mentioned. I'm starting to dig it, especially since I have a Google phone now. G+ was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE on Blackberry but now I'm about 97% functional on there. So if you have it, add me to your "Jerks who think theyre cool on the internet" circle.

There's tons of other funny stuff I've said and posted and commented on but that was all on other forementioned Social networking sites. If you missed it, you werent paying attention.

Damn, this blog is becoming a long sad apology for not posting here any more.

now, here's an Android shitting a blackberry.


Moderator said...

Ha ha, at least you do blog still. In 2011, I think I have posted about 11 times. I just made two new blogger templates in effort to keep things going. I am such a sell out.

Speaking of, where'd your adsense ad go? I give it a click every now and again when I stop by. (But of course, not so obnoxiously as to deem them worthless) (Usually I go so far as to fill out parts of the ITT Tech form, just for shites and grins)

Every little bit helps. I'm over "payment verification threshold," (10$). If earnings keep up at this rate, why,-- I might be able to reach the payment threshold this year.

{sidenote: no reciprocal ad clicking is expected/desired}

Moderator said...

*oops-- I meant, next year. I certainly wont be reaching it this year.