Aug 17, 2011

People are still stupid.

So I'm checking out the reviews for the seller I just bought some crap from on amazon and there are so many bad reviews that have nothing to do with the seller.

"This cover sucks and doesn't fit my phone..." 2 stars
"Cheaply made do not buy this product". 1 star
"Extent protector doesn't stick and there's hella bubbles" 2 stars

First of all you morons these reviews don't tell me what product you're even talking about...because they aren't for products you shitheads! And secondly, the poor sellers rating goes down because you don't know how to use the internet.

Granted, if I don't get my shit soon, they're gonna get a less than shiny review from me. I've contacted them about an arrival window of Sept 13 - Oct 3rd for an item ordered Aug 12th and haven't heard back. What the fuck is that shit? It's not like its coming from Thailand or something. It's coming from so-cal.

Anyway, I'm sure the reviews on other sites like this are similar...

"This seller sucks! When I ordered this thing my chair broke and cut my leg...never buy from them!" 1 star

I blame George Bush.

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