Oct 15, 2013

Just Be Better

I keep hearing all this yap about SEO (search engine optimization). I always get clients asking me "how do I get to be the top of the google?"   How about, "don't suck, get popular and people will find you".  This is why I actually kind of like the way Google is supposedly doing it now. From what I understand it searches based on content rather than keywords.
When I was in a band that had just gotten signed to a record deal and was selling out all the local venues, the new bands we met would always ask "so, how did you get signed?"  the answer was the same as the SEO bs..   We practiced 4 days a week, we wrote a million songs, we played EVERY show we were offered, we had a consistent clean logo and appreciated every fan we had.  So these piece of shit upstarts that have nothing but spam to offer, driving the SEO marketing movement are just like those shitty bands who rehearse 3 days a month, haven't written a new song in 5 years, and complain that they aren't getting the attention they deserve asking me how we got signed. 

We just did what we did and were passionate about it. We never asked for, or "tried" to get anything.  Our marketing strategy was  to just be cool, be something people wanted to be involved in.  Which is how businesses should be able to be.  Concentrate on being a good company, have good branding and be passionate. Be something that people want to be a part of.  A "If you build it, they will come" sort of thing. 

Maybe I'm naive because I know nothing about marketing, business or "SEO" but I just think if you have something good, people will take notice. you dont need to fake search results with clever marketing code techniques. 

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