Oct 17, 2013

TV Apps Still Suck

Who uses the social networking apps through their TV?  The interface is so bad on TV based apps I even hate using the Netflix app sometimes.  But with apps like Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and Pandora it's worth it because those apps seem like what smart TV's were created for.  Entertainment based apps that utilize your TV or Home Theater to watch video or audio content. Not post facebook statuses. 

Browsing through thumbnails is one thing but searching for a video, or anything that requires actual typing is just useless. This is why I can't imagine how anyone would use Facebook or Twitter on a television based UI.  Yet, companies keep including them as bloatware.  I suppose if for some reason you have an Internet connection but no computer or smartphone you can still keep up with Farmville.

TV apps in general just need to be way better than they have been.  Using a TV remote or play station controller does have its limitations but why does it seem like smart tv, game console and Blu Ray player apps feel like an afterthought by the designers?

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