Jan 10, 2014

No Google you're doing it wrong

"Receiving email from people outside your circles
If you receive an email from someone outside your circles, it will be filtered into the Social category of the inbox (if enabled) and only after you respond or add them to your circles, can they start another conversation with you."

Oh you mean like just about every single email I get? This seems very backwards to me.

You see, like many early google plus adopters, I don't know hardly any of the 4000 people in my circles well enough to be emailing with them. I use g+ to get entertaining and informative content from people I don't know. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I hate that I have 4000 people in my phone contacts too because of Google plus. I love this social media platform but I don't want it  this connected to my address book. 

Many people are freaked out about getting a ton of spam now.  This may be true if you don't adjust your settings but this isn't the issue.  The problem with this isn't the privacy or spam, but the fact that Google is assuming everyone in your circles are your close friends and /or people you want to email or vice versa. They want you to be using Google plus as your personal address book. But like I said, I have 4000 people in my circles and I don't know any of them personally. It would be awkward to say the least if I were to get emails from them. I'm not sure Google understands how most people are using Google plus. 

Getting unsolicited emails and calls from Google plus circles would be absolutely fine if g+ wasn't the 'circle-whore/get as many people as you can get for the most new and interesting content filled stream' social media platform that it is. There needs to be a setting to chose exactly which circles you want to get email and stuff from. Like have a "contacts" circle and link that one to phone and email only. It's impossible to find a phone number in my phone because when I press d for dad it gives me 300 people I don't know with names that start with d. 

The fact that it's being seen as a problem that can be "fixed" by changing the settings is the proof that Google doesn't get how people are using Google plus. I have no reason to ever email or call anyone in my circles. Furthermore if I did, I can always just contact them via Google plus. I undestand what they are trying to do, it's just not compatible with the way we're using Google plus. 

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