Jan 22, 2014

Wendy's Update, Update

I've previously written about my Wendy's Hamburgers restaurant situation a couple of times here. Now I should probably update my previous update by letting you all know that I found out a bit ago the construction on the property of the old Wendy's, was in fact to be a brand new Wendy's.

I drive by this location every day for my new job (yup) and have been watching it's progress.  It was scheduled to open on the day I was to return from a trip back to the Bay Area.  Roll into a rainy Eureka tonight after being away for a week. It's around 9pm and it's a ghost town. Even the usually packed Taco Bell drive thru was empty. Strange. Then I saw the crowded parking lot and drive thru line at the new Wendy's grand opening.  This apparently is where everyone was. Sorry Taco Bell.

I finally got a chance to check out the uber modern state-of-the-art flagship 2014 Wendy's.  The outside is very modern... kinda looks like this...

yea fuck me, I didnt take a pic of the outside. This is in Massachusetts.  

I actually did manage to get a pic of the inside.  Pretty schnazzy. 

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