Jan 29, 2014

Be Ready for the Bluetooth Steampunk Zombie Apocalypse

People need to stop saying "Zombie apocalypse". I think many uneducated people are using it when they really mean to say "apocalypse". I feel like these people say zombie apocalypse for anything that is like end of days, end times, end of the world, or anything referring to a dystopian future. They say it because they honestly dont know that there is any other kind of apocalypse. 

Zombies are fake. Zombies are scientifically impossible so stop referring to them as if they are a real threat to humanity and something to actually have to prepare for. 

Zombies in the traditional sense no, but like my friend Racheal says, there are many illnesses that if they mutated would mimic a new zombie out break. But I'm more scared of a nuclear end of days... which I guess could cause people to go crazy and mimic zombies as well. Now, I'm not saying it's going to actually happen. But to say there is no physical way some kind of mass hysteria epidemic to happen is just silly. Anything can happen.

I guess I'm mostly focusing on the dumb people who are obviously replacing "apocalypse" with "zombie apocalypse" because without Hollywood would have never otherwise heard the word apocalypse.

It's annoying like when people say "blue tooth" when they mean wireless headset because they dont know that Bluetooth is a wireless data transfter technology and many things can transmit over Bluetooth. Oh and steampunk. Here's the thing steampunk nerds. Steam needs a boiler to create steam power. Boilers are quite large and require plumbing and valves.  Just because you have goggles on and you painted your Macbook copper and glued rivets to it, doesn't mean it runs on steam power. Stop it. 

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