Jan 5, 2015

A Month of Images

Wait for it.....  Here's a giant dump of pics from my phone from the last month.  Happy Holidays.
My Monday is my Friday, so Photo Friday, there you have it. 

Lego Man buried up to his arm in a shallow grave. #everythingisawesom

 New Painting.

 Happy New Year. 

Got my old drums back. My first real drumset.

Road Trip back to the bay area.  

New Hat! 

How the teenager brushes her teeth.  ugg. 

God Scat?  

Can't escape work even on vacation 5 hours away.  


 Company Christmas Party Selfies

lolly tamale.

The best fast food burger ever                              Hipster Santa                                  Franklin.

Redneck Christmas Parade in Eureka. 

 December Arcata Arts Alive

New Artwork. 


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