Jan 20, 2015

Theory of Edge of Tomorrow

I just saw the movie Edge of Tomorrow/Live, Die, Repeat and have some ideas about the ending.

I know this was a book and the end is way different and complicated in the book which makes the movie more of a "super happy hollywood" ending.  But I think how it ends leads to more questions which to me makes it less happy and more of a what the fuck ending.

 Forgetting the book completely here because you kind of have too. When they get to the Louvre the Mimics are already there waiting for them. Just like on the beach. The first thing I thought was that someone in fact did get killed by an Alpha which was resetting the day for someone in their party.  In one theory I have it was in fact a member of that party which we never know resetting the scenario. In another timeline theres someone from that troop which reset that scenario living it over and over and goes through the same loop and discovery of info that Cage did, eventually finding Cage and Rita getting all the info etc. But this time they know where the Omega is ahead of time.  Since he's no longer affected Cage is still in that same day timeline with all the memories of the prior times. Just like Rita was when he finds her.  So Cage and Rita still pretty much think it's the same day, the same timeline they were in. By the time we see them, for the unknown looper they've probably done it several times and know what's going to happen. But this time they don't go see Cage and Rita, they just know what they have to do and maybe even that if Cage and Rita don't know, it works out better because they stick to the plan they came up with from Cage's loops.  Maybe one of the two guys who sacrifice themselves and blow up the tanker as a diversion know that if they die, even tho they will loop into a new timeline, in this particular timeline, Cage will go on to kill the omega. Because of how time travel works, each time line keeps going. So there are 1000's of time lines where the unknown guy dies and the Mimics win. But all humanity needed was one where they win.  One timeline where the humans win and all is good.  There's probably tons of holes in this, but it's based on a movie with holes so...  As you well know from my previous writings, time travel is a pain in the ass to write correctly.  My theory is weak because it relies on the idea that the omega from this one timeline can have an effect on all time lines. For that I apologize.

When Cage wakes up in the helicopter it's earlier, because he got the omega goop on him at night instead of in the morning. It was able to reset him but since he killed the omega this will be his last reset.  The timeline he wakes up in, if I remember correctly they didn't say someone killed the omega, just that suddenly they all got weak. They central brain of the hive wasn't there to help them cause resets and know the future.  So they were just sitting ducks without their main weapon.

And since it's supposed to be the "happy" ending Cage and Rita still have never met. he's met her but she doesn't know him. But that's not to say he will woo her with his story and knowledge of the Mimics and they will fall in love and have 1000 babies.

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