May 26, 2010

WTF Lost?

I can't believe anyone who's watched this show for 6 years can be satisfied with that ending. It was a totally useless waste of time.

Honestly...This isn't the Sopranos. Hours upon hours and days and weeks spent trying to theorize what every little nuance and weird detail could mean in the overall scheme of the show. Around season 4 I eventually just gave up and started to be come uninterested (yet still obsessed and hopeful) in the show because I knew the writers had no clue what they were even writing at that point. It seemed as if they were painting themselves further and further into a corner. Well, they knew what they were doing, they just knew they weren't ever expecting to tie up ANY lose ends and eventually wrap it all up with a stupid ending.

Despite electromagnetism, time travel, living smoke, ghosts, magic mirrors, good and evil, mystical light, donkey wheels, and lives being engineered to end up on an island together they write in some lame sub plot for one season that ends up being the only thing they explain. And then to have that explanation be the ongoing inside joke amongst Lost fans, "Purgatory".

So ok, the flash sideways was some sort of super happy ending purgatory land? Fine thanks for clearing that up... but what about the rest of the 5 other seasons of mysterious crap that reeled us all in?

Either you're all fooled by this lame attempt at being poetic, or you're just so tired of trying to explain it you're just lying down and accepting it. After it ended, I was waiting for Wayne and Garth to come out and say "as if..." and then show us the REAL ending.

What the hell was the island?!!! Here's a near-perfect and funny clip highlighting some of the show's unanswered stuff.

Naysayer fake Lost fans would say they just weren't that important, but in my opinion, they were important enough to put in the show, so they should be important enough to at least explain. If not, why bother?

I guess there were some mysteries I wanted the show to be about and explained more than the one season sub plot about a super happy ending world.

In my super happy ending worls, Lost got canceled in season 3. I think I'd be happier wondering what they could have come up with given the chance, rather than be force fed some absolute crap after the writers have had a proper chance to write something decent.

Ultimately tho, what really bugs me is how anyone who actually calls themselves a Lost fan can accept this garbage and say it was good...Because it wasn't. Say that your tired of bitching about it, say that there's nothing we can do about it, say that it is what it is, but PLEASE dont lie yourself into thinking it was anything but a cop-out weak ass incomplete hunk of pseudo-religious horse puke.


May 21, 2010

foto friday.

shut up, here's an actual foto friday.

drawn with basil and my fork.

ducks weigh the same as wiches and very small rocks.

drawn in sand

day at the beach

this is about all the art i get up to now.

time machine.

(click for big)

skate spot skate stop.

unusual traffic

i made grass!

she's putting the cheese right on the mustard. wrong, wrong, wrong!


glad to see someone as excited about farts as me.

another theme

ok, there. satisfied? have a great weekend. oh yea I got a job that doesn't involve me being in front of a computer all day. posts may be scarce for a while.

-the management.