May 16, 2010

Official: No More Myspace

Just a minute ago was kind of a big moment. I started the cancellation process of my myspace account. Let's see if anyone even notices.

Likely there will be idiots replying to the final myspace bulletin I sent stating, in fact that I was canceling my account only to get some kind of "account no longer exists" reply.

so take a look, this is the last time you'll see this.

Back in 2004 I only created an account to check all of the comments that were being left on my band Fingertight's fan page. A page set up, ironically not by me. It was started by our good friend and roadie, derek. Who's AOL email address I eventually had to remember just to sign into it. I've forgotten it now.

So there I was with this Myspace account. I'd never even heard of Myspace. I along with my other band members were now in the top 8 friends of Fingertight and suddenly friend requests started to roll in. I started to get the hang of Myspace and all of the new found internet fame from being a member of Fingertight.

Sometime in 2005, around the same time my band split up, I discovered the Myspace blog section and started to share my rants and nonsensical opinions about stuff. A year later I'd developed a minimal following but unfortunately, so had Myspace. Inundated by spam from Myspace whores and porno sites I decided to get the hell off of Myspace for blogging purposes. I discovered Blogger and set up Kirks Sloppy Mind Noggins.

...The rest is history.

RIP 2004-2010
it will be up for a bit in the next 48 hours so if you want to check it out one last time now's your chance.

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