May 9, 2010

Scrap Dawgs

I'm proud to announce that my newest font Ghetto Marquee has been chosen as Font of the Week at

Jealous much?
yet another sCRAPbooking site picked Ghetto Marquee to be the subject of a friendly font digital scrapbooking challenge. Fuck I hate scrapbooking. I never realized this font's scrapping potential I guess.

GM also got a nod in's 80+ High-Quality Latest Free Fonts For Your Designs list. Thankfully NOT a scrapbook site.

I Wish people would let me know about news like this, I had to find it by accident on Google.

I also found, just like my other popular fonts, this one is on just about every other fly-by-night free font site. Without my say-so of course. GM is at 192,131 on, who knows how many from elsewhere.

I need a legal department.

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