May 21, 2010

foto friday.

shut up, here's an actual foto friday.

drawn with basil and my fork.

ducks weigh the same as wiches and very small rocks.

drawn in sand

day at the beach

this is about all the art i get up to now.

time machine.

(click for big)

skate spot skate stop.

unusual traffic

i made grass!

she's putting the cheese right on the mustard. wrong, wrong, wrong!


glad to see someone as excited about farts as me.

another theme

ok, there. satisfied? have a great weekend. oh yea I got a job that doesn't involve me being in front of a computer all day. posts may be scarce for a while.

-the management.

1 comment:

jimbizzle said...

How about them A's?!?!?!

Good photos. Were are you working?