May 5, 2010

what the fuck

Hey, yea I know I suck at blogging. Seriously I blame Facebook.

Anyway, there's this house next to mine that's been vacant since we moved here. It should be condemned but that's another story. For a year and a half there's always random trash and shit left in front of it or in the unfenced-in back yard. One item in particular seems to be a reoccurring theme. Baby fucking strollers.

Why? some of them seem like they are in good shape too. What is it about people needing to dump perfectly good baby strollers and more specifically why in front of the shitty house next door? It's just so odd that such a specific item like that would keep being dumped here.

I mean, are they that hard to get rid of? I always just assumed you passed shit onto your pregnant friends and family. Or are people so paranoid about baby shit that they only want new strollers. Will Goodwill not take baby strollers? Do they think if they just leave it out there some young expecting family is gonna walk by be like "SCORE! a baby stroller!"

Whatever it is, I'll never know. It's just fucking weird.

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