Nov 5, 2009

New Blackberry Tour theme!

The new theme I created has been picked up by You can download it OTA (over the air to your phone) from that site.

here's what it looks like!

4058824618 a93092bc23 new theme KGS googie (free)

non-dock version

4058922156 58f4d66ece new theme KGS googie (free)

dock-only version. (this is the one I'm using)

4059192678 5a6375ec05 new theme KGS googie (free)

And I created all the icons for this theme. check em out.

and the dock only version works well with pretty much any background image you choose
this is a pic of a Jeremy Fish sticker i have on my car.

so yea, if you've got the Blackberry Tour you can install this theme for free
(donations appreciated)

click here to get it!


Anonymous said...

hi..ur theme are very funny and i like it..but the problem is i can't get it via it gone already??or is it my blackberry tour fault??if u be so kind to send me this theme to my appreciate it..thx a lot

david lamp said...

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