Nov 23, 2009

Mhoto Monday

i forgot last week. sue me.

played drums again. dude said "yea there's drums there" barely. the drum throne was a shitty office chair... with wheels! I was rocking AND rolling.

yes, those are maxi pads on the drum heads. they look stupid, you cant take them off, and they make the drums sound like crap. studio trick # 2,303.
I dont mean to be ungrateful, it was cool they let me use the drums there but dang.

coffee shop doodles.

kinda looks like a Japanese-American version of John Goodman.
-wasnt intentional.

remember this graphic back in like 07? it finally showed up.

I told him to send more than one. I got only one. shipped from portugal in paper, foam wrapping, black trash bags, and brown tape.

what's that smell Frankie? Smells like Europe and arm pits

eventually this will replace the dirt.

this was one of the best carnitas burritos i've had in a while. MiPueblo!

I made this in 11th grade.

It's not too late to get a ton of these before X-Mas.
now 10% off till jan 1st.

see how much Jimbo loves his!

Unemployment were jerks and withheld my check this month until I answer some questions. so I'm like super broke till the scheduled phone call in fucking December. donations, gallery skateboard buyings and shirt buyings appreciated.



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jimbizzle said...

I do love my shirt... It was just a little snug. It stretched out to a comfortable fit after a bit. Plus I've had one hell of a cold the past week. I wasn't much happy about anything. I'll take a better pic for your later.