Nov 13, 2009

Pfriday the Pfirteenpf

here come the photos!

me: circa 1995

this is just about the only thing i look forward to

Fuck you S-Curve!

Fuck you Soccer Moms!


the best root beer.




dirt yard -1. kirk -0

damn that flash is bright.
I may make these my dailies.

gato catchin' some rays

this soda is the best shit ever. it's everything i liked about root beer, but 100% of it.

I miss LOST.

I made art!!

colored art!

for those of you who dont know, and for the ones who care, I'm 1/4 Panamanian. and proud.

these were left out of the post from my birthday a month ago. I dont know what happened, but here they are.

*giant mountain of fries not included.

rollerblades are the final proof we needed to prove that grimmace is in fact, gay
(and that Hamburglar is cool as shit)

Dad, brother, niece.

ok that's it.

Buy my shirts.

dont use any ladders, dont look at a mirror from the back side of it, or pet black cats. It's friday the 13th!


Pamela said...

Clowns skeer me.

Who the hell is the character on the wall in between Grimace and Hamburglar?

Moderator said...

*Note the rainbow colored wheels on his roller-blades as well. He's a civil rights crusader that purple bastard.