Nov 6, 2009


My cats are going fucking crazy.

for what it's worth, here's some photos on photo friday. sorry I missed ya last week.

caught me parking dirty. So I get back to my car and there's a ticket. I had worried about the time on the meter so I assumed it was for that. but I still had 40 mins left. Bitch ass berkeley cop ticketed me for no front plates. what a cock hole!

we made some bell peppers!

not that my sympathy doesnt go out to the victims of this horrible tragedy, but let it be a reminder that you never know when your Twitter page is gonna be on national TV.
nice one!

same goes for hickey girl. the 12 year old bride of some soldier stationed at Fort Hood. "maan, we wuz right in the middle of some hot luvin and that habib mother fucker went and shot some people. Ricky STILL has blue balls!"

Gato drinks from the soaker hose.

new deck, thanks steve!
note: filthy martinez skate park

this bitch had all kinds of anti abortion bullshit on her car. fucking catholic voodoo.
I want a shirt that says "ABORTION SAVED MY LIFE"

rad on the streets.

fire pit

this bitch and her mountain of groceries in the express lane. the registers need to stop scanning at 15 items, then sound a siren and make everyone point and laugh as they get escorted out of the store.

bushing blow out.


I bought this mask in liek 1997 and it's still scaring the shit out of little kids.

this lesbian hippie bread rules.


my jack o lantern for 2009.

carved with a steak knife, chisel and a screwdriver.

cute factor of 11.


nacho! half chihuahua/half whippet this dog is nuts.

I actually drew some shit. enjoy!

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