Jun 30, 2013

French Sex

I was checking out my stats here on the ol' Blogger and found that the top search keyword for my blog is:
 سكس فرنسي 

I was like "dafuq?" so I asked google what that shit means. The search brings up sexy youtube videos and porn sites. I was like holy wtf?   I then again turned to my friend google who speaks many languages and found out that  سكس فرنسي  translates to French Sex.  Interesting. I dont remember writing a blog about French Sex but you never know, the French are pretty sexy. 

So I decided to search my blog for سكس فرنسي and got zilch. So then I tried searching my blog for "french sex" And I got a hit!  Kind of excited to see what I had written about french sex that I forgot about, and it only turned up this  Check Your Neighbors post I wrote about the old Austrian guy who locked his daughter in a hidden room and fucked her for like 20 years. Definitely mentions sex but nothing about French Sex... Austrian incest, yes, French Sex, no. So what I want to know is, how is searching French Sex in Arabic finding my blog so many damn times? I mean I appreciate the pageviews but I'm sorry you didn't find the sexy videos you were looking for. Maybe this one will help you out. 

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