Jun 19, 2013

You Park Like An Asshole (Part 5)

There are no parts 1-4, I just know I've written about people parking like shit before. Use the search box in the sidebar if you feel like you're missing out. 

As I pull into Safeway there is an open compact parking space next to the handicapped space, but I can't park in it because there is a big crappy pickup truck parked all wonky in the space on the other side. So I say obscenities under my breath and find a spot farther away. Now while asshole parkers bug me, I can go on without it ruining my day so I do my shopping and make my way back to my car. While I pass the space I wanted I notice that the stupid truck is still there fucking up the parking lot. Again not the end of my world but then I see that someone is in the truck. One leg hanging out of the open driver door. Having a cigarette. But here's the kicker... It's a fucking Safeway employee! 

First of all, you're not only taking up one up-close parking space for customers, but because you parked like a douche bag you're taking up two spaces that should be kept open for store patrons. And you are smoking within a distance from the entrance you are not legally allowed to be smoking in. 

this obviously isnt a pic from this story, but it's relevant, look at this cunt bag!  Also I've found that posts with no photos are boring looking. It's surprising how many photos there are on the web of bad parking... it's a serious epidemic.
Part of me fees like I should have reported her to the manager, but as far as giving that much of a shit, aint nobody got time for that. I just wish people would take their head out of their ass for 2 seconds and think about what they are doing. 

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