Feb 5, 2014

In Russia, Winter Olympics plays you!

Man, what a clusterfuck.  Let's boycott Sochi, not because Russia hates gay people, but because they suck at hosting the Olympics.  

Here's some livetweets from the hotel. oh man.  Why did we think they could pull this off? 

I heard that Sochi is a coastal resort beach town. Putin's favorite vacation spot. The snow is pretty far away in the mountains. But the Olympics committee still decided to put it here. Solution? Build a train and highway straight from the beach to the mountains. Right through villages and small towns, cutting them off. They are now stranded in the middle of nowhere with huge highways and construction fucking up their way of life.  Fuck em. I'm Putin, and This is the Olympics. 

Sochi was selected as the host city in July 2007. What the fuck have they been doing since then? They've had seven fucking years and it's coming down to literally the last second... maybe even longer. 

And the water.... did I mention the water?  The hotel sink has signs that say  "Do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous"  more about that in the link above. or just google it. Holy shit what a fail. 

The more I read about this, the more astounded I am.   It's like they somehow got the committee to believe they could host it. Then had 7 years to shoehorn a modern resort city into a former soviet union throwback town with an unexperienced labor force.  I saw a photo of a toilet with the seat installed backwards. Like, they put the lid on before the seat.  I mean, how can you expect people, who've never seen a real toilet before to know how to properly assemble a toilet?  Everything just seems like they gathered up forrest people and gave them a bunch of Ikea boxes and a few american magazines and said "make it look like this"  There's toilets and sinks, but the waters is toxic and you can't flush anything down the toilets. 

World Fucking Class!  

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