Feb 16, 2014

Bottle Dick

Yesterday at work I casually asked "what's new and exciting"  to the girl at the charge counter as I was coming back from a break.  I got more of an answer than I expected.   She said "oh, not much other than a guy getting his dick stuck in a bottle on Saturday..."  


Apparently while attempting to urinate in a soda bottle while driving a  man somehow got his penis stuck in the mouth of the bottle.  Pulled into our parking lot, asked for scissors and ran to the men's room.  Several minutes later another man came out requesting help for the gentleman.  One of our managers assisted him in removing it safely.  Apparently there was soap involved and despite the man's requests tin snips were not required. This reminded me of the cut off top portion of a soda bottle that I had seen, mysteriously sitting on top of the soap dispenser for 3 days. 

Another thing to ponder is that our store is the first major retail business with a public restroom after a pretty long stretch of Highway, I wonder how long he had his dick in a bottle while driving. I also giggle inside when picturing him with his dick in a bottle under his pants walking through the store.

Just another awesome day at The Big Hammer

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