Jul 16, 2014

8th Grade Metal Band Gets Sony Record Deal

You know what? I call bullshit and fuck Sony for signing them.  They're alright but I had a metal band that was this good when I was close to these guys' age and no one gave a fuck.

There's been a billion teenagers in really good bands all over the world that no one gave a shit about. I honestly don't think musically they deserve a major million dollar record deal at this point.  I've seen their videos, they're ok but really still far away from being at the level of other signed bands.

So here's what I think is going on and I'll say what no one else will. It's because they're cute, uncharacteristically black kids playing metal,  a predominantly white genre.  I'm not saying they shouldn't be playing metal, that's rad, I don't see race and I dont care that they are black but I see Sony taking advantage of a unique potential in sales.  Sony doesn't give a shit about them.  They don't even have a singer.  How much has sony cared about instrumental metal bands in the past? ZERO. They're out v, bands like Isis and Pelican have found success on indie labels and Sony couldnt give a fuck.  I'm guessing Sony will find a sleazy manager and a hot shot producer to find the perfect 16 yr old black kid singer and make a slick record that will have a hooky single you wont be able to avoid for a whole summer.

Enjoy your 15 mins guys.  I hope all the best for them. I hope they can retain their integrity and be a honest to goodness metal band and have a lasting career that allows them to do what they love for a living for a long time.  But I just dont think it will go down like that. I hope they have a good lawyer at least.

Prove me wrong world.

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