Jul 30, 2014

Pacifica Pizza Breadsticks -Don't Fuck With The Classics Part VII -

They're supposed to look like this but much greasier and
wrapped in tin foil. 
There's a pizza place back in my hometown of Martinez CA, Pacifica Pizza. I grew up on this place. I've known many people who've worked there over the years. It was never really great but a good pizza that was consistent.  About 6 years ago (2008) I moved to Pittsburg CA and had to find a new local pizza spot.  Every time I was back in town every so often we'd at least get some of the famous Pacifica breadsticks.  If you've been around Martinez for a while you know the ones. The foil brick of garlic parmesan sticks you could only get from Pacifica.  Side note tho, a couple times we DID get pizza and sometimes it was really good, and sometimes it was really undercooked and doughy. But this review is about bread sticks. 

About a year and half ago I moved to Eureka Ca. and had almost forgotten all about Pacifica and their bread sticks.  Recently I was back home in Martinez and thought he bread sticks!  So I called down the street and ordered a large breadstick order.  

While delicious, they were NOT supposed to
 look like this. 
15 minutes later I go down there to pick them up and they give me a pizza box.  I was like WTF is this?  There's two pimply teenagers working there and they say this is what I ordered.. cheesy bread sticks.  

I went on to explain to him what they're supposed to be. Little sticks of dough coated in garlic butter and sprinkled with parmesan cheese then wrapped in big bundle in foil.  He didn't know what the fuck I was talking about but the other kid was like "Oh yea Chucky or whoever (who is an older employee that remembers the old bread sticks. I made up the name Chucky) made them once"  Apparently this place has changed owners a bazillion times since I went there last and some moron thought that making bread sticks like every other pizza place in the world would be better than actually having a good and unique product. The kid was like "these are good I promise" and I replied "I'm sure they are, that's why every other pizza place makes them this way"  and left disappointed.  They were good, but totally not what I wanted. Every bite tasted like lack of nostalgia. 

Maybe Marty O's Pizzeria can put them on their "Martinez Classics" menu with the empanadas. If anyone knows why they decided to change this I'm curious to know. 

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