Jul 2, 2014

Air Mail

There's a large, old Victorian house down the street from me that has been purchased and renovated in the time I've lived here. They finished several months ago and it looks really good but they did something weird that I didn't notice right away.  Recently I was driving home and something odd caught my eye as I turned the corner.  Something strange on top of a tree. As I got closer I noticed it was A: in front of the newly redone victorian and B: it was a mailbox.  I had to drive around the block and look again. It was in fact, an old fashioned style,yet oversized mailbox.  They seem to have cut off the top 10 feet of the tip if this massive conifer and placed the box right on the remaining stump at least 50 feet high.

I looked on the Google but couldn't find anything. Is this a thing? Is it just a gag?
This is the view of it from my house. 
Is this some kind of tradition that means something?  If anyone has ever heard of placing mailboxes on the top of very tall trees I'd like to know. It's sort of driving me crazy. Every time I go passed that house I look up and wonder what it's for.

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