Jul 8, 2014

Yelp's Review Filter Pt 2

A while ago I posted about Yelp and it's way of sorting reviews.  

Well, I just noticed that Yelp's reviews aren't "Filtered" anymore.. lol they're just recommending them or not.

This is basically the same exact video but they changed the word "filter" to "recommendation

 I just flagged a review they let slip through for a business. It was blatantly obvious it was a fake review. Someone ripped a company I was looking at a new one. Even called out an employee by name. A few days later a 5 star review by a yelp user with no profile pic, one review, no friends and from the same city as the business put up a post that somehow got to stay up and it almost directly referred to complaints in the bad post even saying how the employee mentioned before was SOOO GOOOD.  Coincidence? I think not. 
I hate yelp. but damnit, I still keep going back. 

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