Feb 27, 2010

Some Photos and Stuff.

I know I'm like forever late with it, but hey, you know, like... I've been busy.

There will be no pony ride...

new theme thingy. my drums.

another theme and 666 unread messages!

picture of meg taking a picture of Frankie


our gay kitties

hellova roll back walmart. 4.28 is a lie

pizza goiter!

poop POV


SATANIC CHIPS!! we should rename these Reagan Enchilado
Mt.Diablo joke

the seals came back

...says scuba steve.

straight up!!!

this is why i buy nuggets

Feb 18, 2010

kirkshelton.com redid

I redesigned my personal portfolio site with some new works. A more complete font section and skate stuff. It's still technically under construction and working out some bugs, but good enough for now. enjoy.

Feb 16, 2010

Twitter was my idea.

All the hype around the new Google Buzz got me to thinking. Any of you long time readers remember the mini noggins? I created the mininoggins sidebar thing so I could just post quick little thoughts without having to post a whole blog post in the main noggins. I bugged Jimbo asking about HTML and CSS and iframes and shit and finally got it to work. A mini-blog within a blog.

So I checked the archive dates, and I had this idea way back in 2006. Where's my royalty, twitter, facebook and GoogleBuzz? I'd take a nice dinner and an acknowledgment at the very least.

I've since gotten rid of the mininoggins because it took forever to load, I got tired of keeping up with it, and I dont think people even really read it.

Now that I think of it, it was just like what Twitter is now, a pain in the ass extra thing to check. So basically, I invented Twitter and decided that I hated it before it even came out. Maybe that's why I have such disdain for it still.

To read some of the old mininoggins (tweets before there was twitter) posts click here.

Feb 12, 2010

Photos? on a Friday? no way!

I swear, people must design their websites to have enough shit on their page so that it prints one extra page with 3 words on it. I tell you, it's a conspiracy with the printing/paper industry!

Thanks for wasting my fucking paper assholes. Here's some pictures. Don't print them.

I dont hate the Throwback Dew as much as the regular Dew. It doesnt have that formaldehyde flavor when they use real sugar. Ya-hoo!

Gene Simmons has gone too far with the branding and marketing. Really? KISS M&Ms for fuck's sake? Do they taste like sweat and face paint?


bloody buddy


Here's what the weather's been more or less here. give or take a few cloudy and rainy days.

here's what my buddy in Delaware is dealing with. sucks for you! ha ha ha ha ha

pulled old faithful out of storage. she sounds so good.


always sad to see a JITB go down.

guess what movie this is and win a *cookie.

*there are no cookies

cool shot of the M/B bridge.

just twist and pull.

here's a new font I just made! (i know it's been a while)

ok, that's it for this week. Lost was kind of slow so, not much to talk about. Claire is back.. woopdie doo.

Feb 5, 2010

let the season 6 shit hit the fan

Ok, so who's been watching LOST? the 6th and final season started this week and it was awesome. here's some of my thoughts on what's going on.

OK so, f we determine that the timeline changes in 1977 with the bomb at the swan, we can figure, in that timeline it must trigger a time jump, like when they turned the frozen donkey wheel. That sent our losties forward in time to the original 2007 timeline with the Ajira folk.

In the 1977 timeline, Faraday's theory worked and the hatch isn't built, the island is blown up and 815 never crashes. The numbers never get broadcast, therefor Hurley never gets them from Lenny, and so the butterflies wings flap.
I'm guessing tho, that because the island still exists in one timeline, the new 2004 timeline isn't completely safe from it's effects. Which is why I'm kind of guessing that in the original 815 crash timeline, the things/coincidences leading up to the crash were the effects of the island, in whatever original timeline where the island needs them there for something to happen for some reason.
till next week.

Feb 2, 2010

foto 2zday

I know my schedule is way off. so i was ready to lay some photo 2zday action on you but just realized that I dont have that many photos to show you.

so without further adoooooo

random train thing

G-Tech got their large banner/sign up. here's the office with the smaller sign that's gonna go on a 6' stand on the side of the road.



this looked way cooler in real life. sorry camera phone.

hard to see but this roach coach had all the culinary bases covered. With a name like A-Mexi-Chino you can't really be disappointed.

The Kirkness, Dad, Mom, Li'l Bro and Grandpa Ray. That was probably less than a couple years before he died. and probably the 3rd time I ever met him. Pictures rule.
circa 1985 (makes me think that i should turn the time stamp option back on on my digital cam)

Winn Co

Art project while waiting for my pizza. made out of popped out cardboard pizza box remnants.

no people. or no aliens, it's hard to tell.
no bipedal humanoids.

it hailed something fierce (for the bay area) there was tornados about 10 miles from my house. pretty nutty day for sure.

ghost gardener.

here's some shit i've been working on.
prototype design for a skateboard wheel.

logo for a flooring company.

hot new G-Tech glossy postcard flyer.

roughs for approval for a home inspection company.

Super Mario Blackberry Theme.

oh yea, and the television event of the decade is happening tonight... no not the fucking Oscar nominations.. LOST, the final season starts!! If you're new to the noggins, get ready for some retarded-ass Lost blogs.

ok stupids, I'll be out there following to close, road-raging, cutting you off and honking at slow old motherfuckers on the information super highway.