Feb 2, 2010

foto 2zday

I know my schedule is way off. so i was ready to lay some photo 2zday action on you but just realized that I dont have that many photos to show you.

so without further adoooooo

random train thing

G-Tech got their large banner/sign up. here's the office with the smaller sign that's gonna go on a 6' stand on the side of the road.



this looked way cooler in real life. sorry camera phone.

hard to see but this roach coach had all the culinary bases covered. With a name like A-Mexi-Chino you can't really be disappointed.

The Kirkness, Dad, Mom, Li'l Bro and Grandpa Ray. That was probably less than a couple years before he died. and probably the 3rd time I ever met him. Pictures rule.
circa 1985 (makes me think that i should turn the time stamp option back on on my digital cam)

Winn Co

Art project while waiting for my pizza. made out of popped out cardboard pizza box remnants.

no people. or no aliens, it's hard to tell.
no bipedal humanoids.

it hailed something fierce (for the bay area) there was tornados about 10 miles from my house. pretty nutty day for sure.

ghost gardener.

here's some shit i've been working on.
prototype design for a skateboard wheel.

logo for a flooring company.

hot new G-Tech glossy postcard flyer.

roughs for approval for a home inspection company.

Super Mario Blackberry Theme.

oh yea, and the television event of the decade is happening tonight... no not the fucking Oscar nominations.. LOST, the final season starts!! If you're new to the noggins, get ready for some retarded-ass Lost blogs.

ok stupids, I'll be out there following to close, road-raging, cutting you off and honking at slow old motherfuckers on the information super highway.

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Anonymous said...

That wheel design is banging!!!!
And the flooring guy too!