Feb 12, 2010

Photos? on a Friday? no way!

I swear, people must design their websites to have enough shit on their page so that it prints one extra page with 3 words on it. I tell you, it's a conspiracy with the printing/paper industry!

Thanks for wasting my fucking paper assholes. Here's some pictures. Don't print them.

I dont hate the Throwback Dew as much as the regular Dew. It doesnt have that formaldehyde flavor when they use real sugar. Ya-hoo!

Gene Simmons has gone too far with the branding and marketing. Really? KISS M&Ms for fuck's sake? Do they taste like sweat and face paint?


bloody buddy


Here's what the weather's been more or less here. give or take a few cloudy and rainy days.

here's what my buddy in Delaware is dealing with. sucks for you! ha ha ha ha ha

pulled old faithful out of storage. she sounds so good.


always sad to see a JITB go down.

guess what movie this is and win a *cookie.

*there are no cookies

cool shot of the M/B bridge.

just twist and pull.

here's a new font I just made! (i know it's been a while)

ok, that's it for this week. Lost was kind of slow so, not much to talk about. Claire is back.. woopdie doo.