Feb 16, 2010

Twitter was my idea.

All the hype around the new Google Buzz got me to thinking. Any of you long time readers remember the mini noggins? I created the mininoggins sidebar thing so I could just post quick little thoughts without having to post a whole blog post in the main noggins. I bugged Jimbo asking about HTML and CSS and iframes and shit and finally got it to work. A mini-blog within a blog.

So I checked the archive dates, and I had this idea way back in 2006. Where's my royalty, twitter, facebook and GoogleBuzz? I'd take a nice dinner and an acknowledgment at the very least.

I've since gotten rid of the mininoggins because it took forever to load, I got tired of keeping up with it, and I dont think people even really read it.

Now that I think of it, it was just like what Twitter is now, a pain in the ass extra thing to check. So basically, I invented Twitter and decided that I hated it before it even came out. Maybe that's why I have such disdain for it still.

To read some of the old mininoggins (tweets before there was twitter) posts click here.

1 comment:

jimbizzle said...

Man... We sure wasted a lot of hours making the mininoggins. Ahhh the good ol'days. Good times!