Feb 5, 2010

let the season 6 shit hit the fan

Ok, so who's been watching LOST? the 6th and final season started this week and it was awesome. here's some of my thoughts on what's going on.

OK so, f we determine that the timeline changes in 1977 with the bomb at the swan, we can figure, in that timeline it must trigger a time jump, like when they turned the frozen donkey wheel. That sent our losties forward in time to the original 2007 timeline with the Ajira folk.

In the 1977 timeline, Faraday's theory worked and the hatch isn't built, the island is blown up and 815 never crashes. The numbers never get broadcast, therefor Hurley never gets them from Lenny, and so the butterflies wings flap.
I'm guessing tho, that because the island still exists in one timeline, the new 2004 timeline isn't completely safe from it's effects. Which is why I'm kind of guessing that in the original 815 crash timeline, the things/coincidences leading up to the crash were the effects of the island, in whatever original timeline where the island needs them there for something to happen for some reason.
till next week.


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lost sucks! Friday's are supposed to be photoblogs... Not retarded ass lost blogs!