Dec 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

My, alcoholic, chain smoking Dad is 57 today. dude chill on that shit.
here's some pics of my dad, Dave.

Here's a wonderful memory we both now share.
My Dad Is Savage

ok now on with the Friday Photo Madness.

Congrats on the McSkillet, Ron.

new digital micrometer! hello 2008!

pink hello kitty. shoot me.

thats frost on my car this morning. WTF california?

my ghost

I love you Dad. As for the rest of you... fuck off!!


Anonymous said...

I'm still gonna steal your doggie...

jimbizzle said...

I'm gonna steal your guitar player...

Anonymous said...

1. dustin is lame.
2. your dad hella looks like andy from every time i die in that oldish picture.