Dec 8, 2007

skateboarding all day!

today was a full fucking day of skateboarding..

Met the Martinez regs Jesse and Marco at Martinez at 7am.. drained 4 inches of water from part of the park, then skated till around 10:00.

then Marco and I met jacbli76 in Albany where we hiked thought busted trails and Burning Man Junk sculptures and got lost in some crazy ass place called the bulb. finally found the bowl about an hour later... cleaned out more water and junk from that then skated that for a bit. I fell a lot...But i did get in a few front-side grinds! that bowl is teh gnar tho. so rad.

then we headed to the Berkeley park for a quick skate. It was my first time there. I mostly watching people skate better than me.

I'm tired and sore as fuck but it was way worth it to meet a fellow S&B bro and skate some cool new places.

here's Marco cleaning the bowl

the random ass shit there.

peace out! more skate tomorrow.

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