Dec 7, 2007

Storm of the Year

Well 2007, thats all we could muster up for ya. last night was the biggest storm for the bay area all year. All the hype from Seattle and Oregon just made this shitty storm we had seem like a leaky faucet. If it makes you feel any better, I stepped ankle deep into a puddle last night.

Rain is annoying. good news is, chains are required in Tahoe. get out your strap on and hit the slopes!

here's some damn pictures.

see ya. I guess i wont be skateboarding this weekend. fuck off.


jimbizzle said...

I love the rain. We got pounded with it though. It's nice to have a couple of rain free days.

Anonymous said...

You have to pay the toilet to gobble your horrible "creation?"

From what I've read, $.10 is a steal!