Dec 18, 2007

Learn For Real.

Hey everyone. I've made a decision. I've decided that I hate the Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games. If you don't know what i'm talking about, you live in a cave.

I was at Best Buy last night xmas shooping and could hear the clickity clacks of some dudes playing the new "ROCK BAND" game on the next isle.. i went around to look and i decided i would suck at it because I PLAY DRUMS FOR REAL.

There was a part in a song that had an 8th note single stroke roll on the snare.. and did the game make you play that? NO.. fucking lame.

no kick drum, no cymbals.. its just like the Guitar Queero episode of Southpark.

So, just like Randy Marsh, if you know how to play for real you'll hate it. its the same feeling i get with snowboarding.

learn to play for real..for crying out loud. Is that how lazy kids are now that they'd rather fake playing on some air guitar karaoke game where they can be mediocre at pushing buttons and get digital cheers from a fake crowd than actually trying to learn how to play for real.. oh yea that requires more than an afternoon of playing around on a toy.. where REAL guitar required actual practice and discipline.

And for the record.

Playing Wii sports is not exercise...even if you break a sweat.

Being hella good at Tony Hawk Pro Skater doesn't mean your a skater in real life or that you can even stand on a skateboard without eating shit.

Just because you can gleefully gun down innocent people in Grand Theft Auto doesnt mean its ok to do it in real life. no matter how depressed you are.

go outside.


UPDATE: I played drums on Rock Band last night and now I hate it more. fuck that piece of shit game.


jimbizzle said...

1st, Guitar Hero is fun. It's nothing like playing real guitar, but it's still fun.

2nd, you're crazy! Nobody thinks that a video game is real life, but it takes those that can't and gives them a glimpse into the life style. I'll never skate, but if I play Tony Hawk's game I learn a little lingo and a little about the sport.

3rd, any thing can be exercise. If you standing and moving about your are burning more calories then just sitting and extending your thumbs. Have you played Rayman Raving Rabbids? There are some challenges on that game that can really get your heart rate up.

Kirk said...

Johnny Virgil said...

I freakin' loved that episode of SP.

Heather said...

Just for you.