Dec 21, 2007

I got a New Phone!

hey its the office annual xmas bash today. that means i get a random gift from a co-worker that may or may not know me. the name i pulled out of the hat just started working here and no one knows anything about her. I hope she likes Starbucks because thats what she's gettin!.

here's the pics left over on my old phone. She was a good little phone but it was time for an upgrade.
Skate buddy and amateur naturalist, Steve found this Martinez Tree Crab last weekend at the skatepark.

and now here's the pics from my new phone!

This is my new phone!

that "Baby It's Cold Outside" song makes me think of date rape. so i drew this comic.
(click for full size)

from pencil to photoshop
i got stickers!


I didn't. shh

yes, these are my gnarly foots

El Chile Jalepeno's in Oakland is the chronic son.

there was a wreck


PAKISTANI RESTAURANT ("Jerry, you are a verry BAD MAN")

Happy Holidays from the noggins. I pissed in the Egg Nogg.

my brother was messing around in MsPaint i think and made "X Mas Noggins Monster" Freakin' sweet, thanks Bri! getting some skills man!

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jimbizzle said...

Dude... you have worse feet then I do. Awesome!

I've never heard of a tree crab. Did you cook'em up?